The main thrusts of the Foundation represent a reflection of Ajasin’s own life activities, in the following areas: Education, Leadership Training, Human Rights and Democracy:


Education: As a teacher, a principal, a proprietor and the linchpin of the Free Education and the 6-3-3-4 policy programmes in the old Western Region, Ajasin had demonstrated a total commitment to the educational advancement of the vast majority of Nigerians, as manifest in his contributions in the following areas:

  1. Educational Policies, approaches and methodologies, and curricula.
  2. Research and teacher development
  3. Child development

The foundation therefore aims to promote these areas through sponsorship of research, training workshops, seminars, and conferences, publications, grants, prizes and awards.

Leadership Training: As a disciplined and committed fighter for the liberation of Nigeria, and the socio-economic emancipation of his people, Ajasin was very much concerned with the youth and the future of the country. He was interested in the young having, not just intellectual development but also, a disciplined and committed life to higher social values. Thus as a community leader Ajasin made tremendous impact in his native Owo, in Ondo State, in the Western Region/State and in Nigeria.

As such, youth training camps, workshops, community actions and socio advocacy would form the means and methods of realizing some of these objectives.

Human rights and Democracy: Arising from decades of military invasion of the sanctity of socio-political life of Nigerians and the stultification of people’s psyche deriving there from, Nigerian peoples and their leaders have lost touch with democratic values in the home, on the streets, in private and public life.

A reorientation through monitoring of the democratization process, public discourse, social advocacy, socializing education and training, especially of the younger generations, who were born and bred during the military years, and who know no other than the military ethos of brute force and economic plunder becomes imperative.



  1. Board of Trustees: The highest authority with overall superintendence of the property, operations and activities of the foundation is the Board of Trustees. The Following constitute the founding members of the Board of trustees.
  • Justice Solomon Folarin Adeloye (Retired Chief Judge) – Chairman
  • Dr Modebola Ajasin (Medical Practitioner)
  • Chief Mrs mary Aiyegbusi (School Proprietress)
  • Chief Bola Ige (Legal Practitioner)
  • Revd. Emmanuel Bolanle Gbonigi (Retired Bishop of the Anglican Communion)
  • Mrs Olajumoke Anifowose (Legal Practitioner) – Secretary

Other organs instrumental to the effective execution of the programmes, projects and activities of the Foundation, and which are responsible to the Board of Trustees include the Governing Council, the Education Advisory Board, the Political and Human Rights Board, and the Fund Raising Board.

  1. The Governing Council: This is an executive organ composed of 9 members appointed by the board of Trustees for a term of 2 years, but re-appointable to a further term. The council has responsibility for the management of the funds, staff and secretariat of the foundation.
  2. Educational Advisory Board: Composed of 5 members, who are members of the foundation, this Board is appointed by the Governing Council. This Board is an Advisory body in the areas of the Education programmes and projects of the Foundation.
  3. Political and Human Rights Board: The Board consists of a minimum of 5 members who may not necessarily be members of the foundation, but are also appointed by the Governing council. It is also an advisory body to the Governing council on relevant aspects of the Foundation’s projects and programmes in Democracy and Human rights.


  1. Fund Raising Board: It consists of a minimum of 5 members who may not necessarily be members of the foundation, but are appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Board’s principal function is to raise funds (nationally and internationally) for the activities of the Foundation.

  • Undertaking and sponsoring research in the area of education, educational and public policies.
  • Promoting learning and acquisition of knowledge, and advancing, developing and sustaining the cause of education whether general, professional or technical through research, publications, grants prizes and awards.
  • Undertaking and promoting leadership training of the youth in the observance and struggle for the fundamental, human, socio-cultural and economic rights; and in the areas of community and national responsible leadership development, and the acquisition of such enabling skills to achieve, sustain and develop leadership qualities.
  • Providing forums for public discourse on governance, democracy, leadership development and peace initiatives; on policy matters, dissemination of research findings etc. between policy makers, intellectuals, professionals, civil society organizations, the youth and the general public.


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