Ajasin Foundation is founded on the twin core complementary principles of in-depth study and result-oriented action. The foundation therefore encourages and facilitates research and training through its resource center, Ajasin Foundation Resource Center (AFREC). The Foundation is Equipped with the Following Facilities

COMPUTER TRAINING CENTRE: Ajasin Foundation Computer Training Centre provides comprehensive, effective and internationally recognized computer training. The tutors are international Computer Driving License (ICDL) Certified. Consequently the training being offered is of the highest quality and matches international standards.


PUBLIC/RESEARCH LIBRARY: The foundation has a well stocked library open to the members of the community for the purposes of study and research. The foundation makes this library available to the members of the community free-of-charge. All that is required is for a prospective library user to register.

PRIVATE MUSEUM: The museum provides a memorial vista of Chief Ajasin’s life and times. A visit to the museum affords one the unique opportunity of sharing in Chief Ajasin’s values and ethos. Several of his timeless sayings are put on display to inspire visitors.

GUEST CHALET: The foundation maintains a modest guest chalet for visitors to the foundation and the ancient city of Owo. Its quiet and serene atmosphere ensures a home away from home.

CONFERENCE HALL:  A state-of-the-art, fully functional, air conditioned conference hall is available for conferences, seminars and other events organized by the foundation. The conference hall is however available for rent to members of the community for similar functions.